Our Team Members

MIA Hunters is comprised of dozens of members worldwide, many of whom have paid large amounts of their own money to join us on our search missions and risked their lives repeatedly to help find our lost and fallen heroes. There are four levels in the group: The Founders, the Executive Branch, the Team Members and our critically important Support Staff.



The Founders:


Christopher G. Moon, Bryan G. Moon (Deceased), Cicely Moon (Deceased), Donalyn D. Moon



The Advisory Board:


USAF Brigadier General Dennis W. Schulstad, USAF Res. Brigadier General Thomas G. Wier, John F. Horn President Northwest Airlines Ret.



The Executive Branch:

Joe Goggin
Ralph Stillman
Rod Stickler
John Rippinger
Gary Stinar
Curt Hills
Kevin Sampers


The Team Members:

Angie Leither
Bernard Friel
Carl Plummer
Carolyn Bradshaw
Carolyn Maki
Chris Funke
Colt Thompson
Corrine McCarthy
Craig MacIntosh
Dave Donkers
David Groteluschen
David Maki
David Moon
David Norton
David Peterson
Dayle Radde
Denis Thompson
Dr. Karl Molenaar
Edward Hanton
Eric Gustafson
Eric Ploeger
Francis Madden
Gene Kreinbring
Jack Greenshields
James Walsh
Janya Jones
John M. Lane
John Syverson
Keith Phillips
Marjorie Ploeger
Michael Molenaar
Peter Rogers
Richard Carron
Rich MacRafic
Ron Cassellius
Ronald Moon
Shirley Russo
Steve Briggs
Susan Donkers
Thomas Berg
Timothy Madden
Trent Thompson
Vernon Clobes
Vivian Moon






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